What I offer

The word crisis means growth in Greek. To a person who is in the midst of dealing with very difficult issues, this may seem somewhat unrealistic!

Imagine that you have lost your way in the forest. All paths and trees look the same. Your sense of confusion, of fear, and exhaustion seems to deepen. Then you meet a person who is knowledgeable and calm, who knows the terrain and helps you back on track.

A crisis may emerge suddenly, but can also be the culmination after a period with events in a person’s life.

Most people will during their life experience a personal crisis. There are many triggering factors i.e. loosing ones job. Grief. Illness. Financial problems. Problems in ones personal relationship. Divorce. etc. etc.

It is often my experience, that when I meet clients the first time, they are tired, almost exhausted from having to deal with their difficulties on their own.

What we the work towards is to make sense of things and make use of who we are and move on. You are the main character in your life and in the therapeutic process.

The number of sessions required vary from person to person.

Psychotherapy can help if you

  • Suffer from stress or burnout
  • Have a low worth of selfSuffer from anxiety
  • Your quality of life is diminished because of melancholy or depression
  • Have difficulty sensing who you are. Have difficulty defining your needs and your boundaries.
  • Have a greater focus on other people’s needs rather than your own.

Please contact me and find out, if you would benefit from consulting a psychotherapist.