Reading this could mean that you are considering starting in therapy. You may consider dealing with problems in your life with someone other than your friends and family.

The advantages of speaking to a professional are many. Firstly the professional therapist has no interest or personal feelings invested in you. Secondly the therapist has received extensive training in dealing with psychological problems and dilemmas and can understand these in a broader context. And a therapist can – with their extensive theoretical knowledge – introduce new perspectives and work tools to the client.

Finding your therapist can be something of a challenge. You have to decide on, which type of therapy it should be, and on a qualified therapist who will be able to help you.

I will provide you with some information about who I am, my educational background, and my ethical values. You are also welcome to contact me for further questions and information.

Other than having worked as a nurse for more than twenty years I completed 4 ½ years of training to become psychotherapist. The existential and gestaltpsychological traditions are part of my theoretical foundation.

The relationship, the connection between client and therapist is of great importance in order to facilitate the desired change in the client. In practice this means, that I am trained to observe the way you perceive, communicate, act, react, and make it part of our work, so that your awareness, which is a facilitator for change.

Part of my training has also entailed receiving therapy myself, which is important. Furthermore I receive continuous supervision on ongoing work with clients. These measures are necessary in order to provide therapy of good quality for the benefit of my clients.